Our Wine Selection
           Dates and alc/vol on these photos are examples only 
​Blueberry wine

The blueberry like the mythical Phoenix, obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor.

​2017 A dry white wine from Frontenac Gris grapes.  

​Tahqua Rush is made from Fresh Rhubarb picked from local family farms with an added splash of white grape.
​Photo by Mary Weber
2017 A semi-sweet white wine from Frontenac Blanc grapes


A pure fresh taste of blackberries right off the bush, grown in Marquette Michigan

​Mount Me Cherry is made with Montmorency Cherries picked in Central Lake, MI.
This is a customer favorite.  You will think you are eating fresh picked cherries.
This is a sweet wine made from Niagra grapes. The name Benvenuto comes from the Italian word "Welcome" this wine label is in honor of our dog Bristol who welcomes everyone at the winery.

Award Wining Red Raspberry wine that will take your breath away with the robust flavor, like the brilliant color of the sunset in Manistique Michigan.
Photo by Mary Weber
A slightly sweet red wine made with cranberries from the bog Northern Lower Michigan
Photo by Mary Weber
Made from Concord grapes, this wine brings back memories of our "First Love" of making our first batches of wine from the concord grapes grown on gram & gramp's farm.         

A blend of Michigan grown cranberries  and Michigan grown red raspberries.  

This darker than blush wine is a delight to your palate with the crisp macintoch apple and hint of canberry.  Photo by Jeremy Rowe, Keweenaw Lights Photography.
For those of you who are  looking for sweet wine, this one is for you !


2017  A medium bodied red table wine. This deep colored wine hosts flavors of blackberry, currants and plums. Pairs well with hearty foods like pasta dishes. 

Who said wine is not for breakfast. Happy Sap is  Maple wine made from locally processed pure maple syrup. ​​
2017   A white semi-dry wine. Aromas of apricot, lime and honey.  Pairs well with appetizers, seafood and chicken.​


Pear wine with a sweetness you will love. Ready for Christmas - or any other time of the year! 
Partridge In A Pear 
painted by Mary Weber 

A wine with superior flaver made with Superior Plums picked from a family members orchard.
Photo of Lake Superior
​Brad Gurski

2017    This is a first of our "cold climate" estate grapes.

A dry read wine with hints of pepper and current flavor.  Pairs well with red meats and pasta.
SOLD OUT             
Made from the juice of real pomegranates. It is the passion fruit that leaves you to wonder .....Was the fruit of all evil the apple or was it really the pomegranate ?